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Date: Feb 08, 2017
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     As part of our incredible Hamanasi Honeymoon Package in Belize, 5 different excursions were included.  We decided, since we didn’t have scuba certification and weren’t interested in getting it just yet, to take part in a canoe trip through the rainforest, snorkeling twice (because we loved it so much the first time), a Mayan History Tour to the site of two different ruins, and the Mayflower Jungle and Waterfall Hike.

     The snorkeling was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.  We saw stingrays, eagle rays, a school of barracuda, blowfish, octopus, lobster, urchins, and I even found Dory along with loads of other colorful fish and coral. We just had to make sure and lather up with sunscreen several times so we didn’t end up being lobsters ourselves.

     Along with the obviously incredible Mayan ruins, the Jungle and waterfall hike offered some incredible views and wonderful creatures.  We saw, from small to large, leaf cutter ants, bees, tarantulas, Blue Crowned Mot Mot, Spectacled Owl.  Plus, on the canoe trip we even saw crocodiles and tons of enormous bright orange iguanas. Beyond the creatures, every landscape was gorgeous, pristine, and exotic.

     Our only regret is that there are so many other excursions we didn’t have time to take.  Caves, scuba diving, and other wonderful hikes await our next trip to Belize, which we already decided we will take on one of our anniversaries sooner rather than later.   Enjoy the rest of these photos, and here’s to the next trip!