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Date: Jan 12, 2016
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Over the first several days of the newest journey into the depths of India, I was pleased to be taken to northern India. ┬áLife is a bit different than in the south, but still with incredible faces, locations, and incredible stories of what God is doing. So far, I’ve gotten to visit an incredible city on the mountains, got a peek at the himalayas, help give sewing machines to village women who have completed their training, and visited an after school program at a school in a village in the middle of the forest with some of the most beautiful children imaginable. All of this was in just the first 3 days of being in this country ­čÖé ┬áMuch more ahead! 2016-01-10_00082016-01-10_0009 2016-01-10_0013 2016-01-10_0011 2016-01-10_00102016-01-10_00202016-01-10_00152016-01-10_0016 2016-01-10_0018 2016-01-10_00212016-01-10_00172016-01-10_0026 2016-01-10_0025 2016-01-10_0024 2016-01-10_0023 2016-01-10_00222016-01-10_0031 2016-01-10_0030 2016-01-10_0029 2016-01-10_0028 2016-01-10_00332016-01-10_00322016-01-10_0038 2016-01-10_0037 2016-01-10_0036 2016-01-10_0035 2016-01-10_0039 2016-01-10_0041 2016-01-10_00402016-01-10_0042 2016-01-10_0044 india travel Photography2016-01-10_0045