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Date: Jun 18, 2014
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The amount of beauty surrounding this wedding day is absurd.  Everywhere you looked it was absolute perfection.  Amazing people, beautiful details, excellent locations. Emily certainly outdid herself planning this special occasion.  Downtown Lexington Kentucky makes for such a perfect backdrop for a wedding day, and the Carrick house is an incredible reception venue that I always enjoy photographing.

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Here is one of 2 examples of why it’s great to have a second shooter at your wedding. The shot below is taken by my second shooter for the evening, Zach Brake, and showcases why having another photographer around allows for alternate and more interesting angles for different moments.

2014-06-03_0077 2014-06-03_0078 2014-06-03_0079 2014-06-03_0080 2014-06-03_0081 2014-06-03_0082 2014-06-03_0083 2014-06-03_0084


This is another awesome shot (below) from Zach that shows how amazing a second shooter can be.

2014-06-03_0085 2014-06-03_0086 2014-06-03_0087 2014-06-03_0088 2014-06-03_0089