011714-224447about me

Dei Gratia means “By the Grace of God”

I am Jaron Johns
I am not my own
I was meant for amazing things
I believe you were too

Through His grace, we were all created to be in deep and meaningful relationship with one another. In photographing you, it is my desire to help you look inside yourselves and see the beauty, and I pray that you will allow me and my camera to see inside as well. I’ve spent the last few years of my life figuring out how to bring together the many diverse passions in my life.

Passion #1:
God. Even more precisely, Jesus. There is no greater love. Serving him has always been my utmost desire in whatever I do. Also, I have a bachelors degree in Educational Ministry.

Passion #2:
Teaching. To be able to touch not only the heart, but the mind of another is to radically change a life. Plus, I have a Masters in Secondary Education with a focus on Social Studies.

Passion #3:
Photography… Duh!

I know that God has created us all for a purpose, and I believe he has given me a vision for a way to fuse those passions together. Others have called it experiential photography; to not just have a photo shoot, but to…

-create an opportunity for couples to look inside of each other in a way they never have

-for families to build bonds that will never break

-and for individuals to look inside themselves and have confidence in the person that they have been created to be

Join me in finding the future for which we were meant.

(Oh, I’m also Lexington Kentucky based Wedding and Portrait Photographer who loves destination weddings)