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Date: Jul 29, 2014
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…And so it begins, for most of us.  I, Jaron (left), leave today for an incredible spiritual and photographic journey into India and am kind of freaking out about it.  Matt and Jenny (middle), leave next week to meet me there to begin the process of bringing Remix Education to the children of India (  Then there is Curt.  Oh Curt.  Curt’s visa has been denied a couple times, and has a very uncertain future ahead of him.  He remains unfazed and hopes to join us in India as soon as possible.  Thank you all for joining us on this journey, and all your help in getting us this far!  Please be in prayer for Curt, the children of India, and for all that might be accomplished on this crazy trip.  I hope you all enjoy the photos that will populate this blog in the next few weeks and beyond. Check back regularly for all the exciting updates!